Eeshi-Ra Hart (Faculty)


(2019) Faculty, School of Health & Wellness, discipline of Wellness Sovereignty; and, School of The Living Arts, discipline of Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts

Eeshi-Ra Hart (formerly Ashera) is from the UK and is the founder of Sonic Life Solutions now based in Bali.

She is a sound healing practitioner, international speaker, sonic facilitator, professional singer, musician/producer mentor, ceremonialist and lifestyle coach.  Eeshi-Ra has trained with many of the world’s top experts in sound healing, breathwork, trauma release, bodywork, sexual healing, voice, light work and ceremonial dance, and combined with her Egyptian and Melchizedek priestess lineages, she unifies this wisdom with the potency of sound healing and the healing ability of the voice to create lasting change at a DNA level so we can fully embody our “I AM” spiritual presence.

She is the pioneer of many sound healing modalities with two different sets of tuning forks used for Ascension and Earthing; with the voice for healing the body, e.g. chronic pain, poor energy flow, nerve damage, reduced mobility, etc. (Body Sonics); Cellular Sonics to teach osteopaths, physiotherapists and other bodyworkers; for Women’s Wellbeing (The Reclaiming and a 10-part online course); and for Sexual Healing (Sex Sonics).  She is honoured to facilitate the tangible and potent physical changes with clients, some might even call these changes: Miracles!  She offers many tools to support our journey: tuning forks/chimes, online courses/sessions, sound-healing ringtone, audios, (e.g. The Unity Codes), video downloads, eBooks, etc.

Eeshi-Ra presented a workshop at the NewEarth Festival at NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia in 2019, and subsequently joined the NewEarth University (NEU) faculty, School of Health & Wellness also cross-pollinating with the School of the Living Arts, discipline of Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts.  She is creating an online course, Shift It for NEU.  Shift It empowers us to shift our state at any given moment by guiding us in how to use the healing power of our voices to easily move beyond any limitations or programming, to embody our highest divine vibrational state.  Shift It helps us achieve the complete manifestation of all our gifts – easily and effectively birthing the New Earth from the inside out!

Eeshi-Ra’s Genesis …

She began a journey of awakening in 1986 with 30-plus years experience as a professional singer, in most musical genres e.g. jazz, opera, pop, world, rock, hip hop, trance, ambient and beyond!  In the early ’90s, she left London to train in Rebirthing in Brighton. When guided to Glastonbury, she spontaneously started channelling the Divine Feminine/”The Shekinah”, which brings beautiful heart-opening and unity remembrance gifts for us all.

In 1998, Eeshi-Ra became the first international Co-ordinator for the global peace event, Earthdance.  She was also the original voice of the Prayer for Peace played by DJs across the world (which at its peak featured 65 locations in 27 countries… which continues to inspire and unite communities globally, raising money for charity).  Her path led to San Francisco where she first heard about the many benefits of sound healing by using it with in-vitro DNA in the lab.  This inspired her to ask a question to the Universe: “Is there a frequency – or a series of frequencies – that we can give to the body, thats like a ‘reset button to shift’ us back into balance and awaken our full potential?”  In Australia, during the year 2000, whilst recording her first solo album, a dream revealed the answer and showed Eeshi-Ra that the planetary shift was catalysed by tuning in with the power of the heart and specific sound codes that directly speak to our brain and body.  Synchronicity then magically guided her to Randy Masters in the USA who revealed the exciting importance of the solfeggio/Zobet sound healing light codes.  He became her mentor, and she has been working with those codes ever since.  As they say, the rest is history, or rather, her-story!

Since then, Eeshi-Ra has been passionate about sound healing and a plant-based/non-chemical lifestyle as powerful tools for transformation.  Eeshi-Ra has presented at events worldwide, e.g. the 2014 Globe Sound & Consciousness Sound Healing Conference, USA, where she has taught online students; and she presented to the academic community at the 2015 Archaeo-Acoustics Conference at the International Technical University in Istanbul; and the SOAS University in London in 2009 and 2017.



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