Asha Deliverance (Fellow)

Sustainable Community Advisor School of Socio-Economics & Ecology


Asha Deliverance inspires and educates with incredible love, energy, and joy.  She is the founder of Pacific Domes, a futuristic company that is working toward the creation of global sustainable communities.

Asha is a life-long learner, who actively studies and teaches Vastu Shastra (the science of creation) and Unified Field Theory.  She is an emissary of the Resonance Project.  She practiced and taught Kundalini yoga and spiritual healing.  Asha Deliverance was one of the founders of the UCSC Farm Project in the early 70s, which is now considered the Harvard of organic farming.

Asha practiced and taught midwifery for 20 years and has seven children of her own.  She hosts weekly Sacred Geometry meetings in her home in Ashland, Oregon where cutting-edge ideas coalesce into revolutionary action.


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