The Art of Dying Well Training Retreat – Costa Rica

with Zenith Virago

Presented by NEU School of Health and Wellness

~ 2019 (date TBA) ~

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Includes 18-hour certification, transportation and lodging

Do you want to deepen and enhance your capacity as a caregiver? Do you want to go to the next level in your ability to care for the dying? Do you have a loved one that you are or will be caring for? Do you need to take some time to nourish yourself?



A week long training retreat with 18 hour certification program for caregivers to the dying.


Pioneers and teachers in conscious dying and death practices.


Where the vibrant, lush rain forest meets the warm sparkling waters of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.


To enhance your skills – going deeper into the honor, respect and knowledge of the dying experience. To nourish YOU as a caregiver.



Some of the best heirloom chocolate grows here…


18 hour Certification Training by Zenith Virago. Zenith has been a leader in training others in caring for the dying and the bereaved for over 20 years, and is the keynote presenter for this retreat. Zenith will present “Intimacy of Death and Dying – Living & Dying Consciously” (for a detailed description of the training, see below).

One day intensive workshop with Danielle Brooks, PhD – helping you explore ways of creating and sustaining healthy self-care practices that enable you to thrive as caregivers (for a detailed description of the workshop, see below).

3 evenings of Sacred Sound Healing & Meditation

Powerful connections. With nature, the ocean, both old and new knowledge – with others who share your common needs and interests.

7 nights’ stay – 5 in a family-owned traditional, Caribbean-style hotel located directly on the beach near the quaint town of Puerto Viejo. Each room has a beach and ocean view, as does the air-conditioned poolside conference room that we will be spending a lot of our time in. The additional 2 nights will be in the airport neighboring town of Alajuela – also a comfortable family owned hotel.

Transfers to and from Puerto Viejo and to airport for departure flight.

Full breakfast every morning.

Lunch for 4 days during training workshops.

Opening reception and dinner featuring local chefs preparing delicious, locally sourced Caribbean fare.

Cacao Ceremony

Closing celebration – buffet dinner bonfire beach party with DJ Ari from Paris, France.

Lots of good coffee and chocolate

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6am – Yoga

7am to 9am – Breakfast

9am to 12pm – Workshop

12pm to 1pm – Lunch

1pm to 3pm – Workshop

3pm to 7pm – Free time (beach, massage, jungle tours, etc.)

7pm – Dinner (opening and closing nights)

8pm – Guided Meditation (3 evenings)

If you feel a full-body “yes” bubbling up in resonance with what you’ve just read, and would like more information, we welcome you to reach out to us by leaving your email address here. We want to provide whatever personal attention you need throughout the process, from answering questions, to reserving your space, to travel plans, and whatever you may need to be able to attend.

You may know right now that this is for you – and you want to make sure you secure your space (yes, due to the intimate nature of this retreat, and the limited size of the hotel, we can only host a maximum number) – please go ahead and click on the button below and you will be guided through the process.

Want to sponsor either an individual or a group for this training program? Fill out the information on the link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We know that the perfect group of people will gather for this retreat – and are so happy to invite and welcome you as one of them. Thank you for taking this profound life step.

It’s as huge as you feel it is…


Intimacy of Death and Dying – Living & Dying Consciously” 

18 hour Certification Training through the Natural Death Care Centre by Zenith Virago

The training is over 3 days and covers the whole spectrum including illness, dying & death, sudden death, body care, disposal, ceremony into bereavement and loss.  A hybrid of old and new ways of being present, real and beneficial at a challenging time. Available and appropriate for everyone – for your own personal journey, a family member or friend, to increase professional skills or if you feel you have a calling to some or all aspects of this work.

Zenith Virago is a leader in this field and has pioneered the concept of empowered continual care at end of life. As a professional “Deathwalker” for over 20 years, she brings integrity, experience and wisdom. The NDCC (Natural Death Care Centre) is a registered charity and works for education, authenticity and empowerment in death, dying and loss.

The Training includes:

Exploring & Embracing Death

Preparation & Advocacy

Caring for & being with the Dying 

Funeral Arrangements 

Ceremony, Ritual & Rite of Passage  

Bereavement, Loss & Growth


Exploring and Embracing Death

Possibilities: Personal, partner, parent, child, friend experiences.

Discussing beliefs, myths, transformation, spiritual awareness.

Love, acceptance, fear, intuition, deep knowing, relationships.


Awakening our innate capabilities and cultivating presence.

Strengthening our understanding and coming to an easier relationship with death.

Familiarity, coping, acceptance and embracing death.

Preparation and Advocacy

Planning and decisions.

Options and considerations.

Legal, Love and Legacy documents.

Understanding the value and need for preparation.

Familiarity with the process, roles and services involved.

Advocating for others.  

Caring for and being with the Dying   

Cultivating presence, neutrality and compassion.

Communication & documents.

Developing ability to be with any situation.

Being with someone who is dying.

Working with families, carers and other service providers as a team.

Caring for the body before and after death.

Understanding the legalities, process, roles and services involved.

Arrangements & Funeral

Considerations and options.

Being with, assisting and guiding the bereaved family.

Dealing with sudden death or when someone ends their own life.

Understanding the process of ceremony and disposal.

Work with other service providers as a team.

Rite of Passage, Ceremony, Ritual  

Options and timing of different types of ceremony.

Understanding role of the Celebrant.

Considerations, creation, content and structure of ceremony.

Guide and assist participation of family.

Draft and deliver a meaningful and appropriate ceremony.

Work with all the service providers as a team.

Bereavement. Loss and Growth

Understanding and exploring the spectrum of responses to loss,

Sadness, grief and joy.

Being with your own and others’ loss.

Coping personally & professionally.

Becoming The Beloved – Self Care for the Caregiver

By Danielle Brooks, PhD

What does it mean to live authentically, from a deep heart centered space embodying love, acceptance and compassion?   

In this workshop we will delve into the deep and sacred inner work of living through the heart.  We will explore ways of creating and sustaining healthy self-care practices that enable us to thrive in our roles as caregivers.  

  • Learn how to create and honour healthy boundaries with respect and compassion
  • Tools and techniques to clear our energy fields
  • Release energetic cords and attachments that deplete and fatigue
  • Create sacred space through which authentic healing can occur unconditionally
  • Develop balanced and empowered heart centered awareness
  • Learn to access innate knowingness and soul wisdom

Quiet Grace – Sacred Sound Healing

Danielle will lead us through three evenings of sacred sound healing.  These beautiful auditory experiences are characterized by a profound sense of bliss, transcendence and unconditional love. Danielle sings multiple light languages and transmits their healing codes through her hands and voice to activate deep healing on all levels.  

Our Team


Zenith Virago – Keynote Presenter

School of Health and Wellness Advisor, NEU

Grant MacIntyre Photography

As a Deathwalker, Zenith is a respected elder, pioneer & expert in the field of holistic death, dying and ceremony. With 20 years experience, she provides comfort, information and guidance to assist us through the natural and the sacred, the inner and outer journeying as we come to the end of our life. She has created a deathstyle which compliments any lifestyle, with a meaningful and appropriate approach, that encourages participation and ownership by the person, family and friends.  Zenith understands everyone has the capacity to do death well, and through education and sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge,  every community can have someone that holds that place. With a lightness of being, compassion and integrity she accompanies many people and those that love them, through our final and ultimate experience.  Her enthusiastic and empowering approach allow for a richer exploration, whilst assisting people to reclaim their legal rights and their rites of passage. Zenith has lived in Byron Bay for over 30 years, celebrating life and death in that great community, seeing her work as a privilege and an important part of her life’s journey, she has a deep love and gratitude for the wonderful mystery of which we are all a part. Zenith is also a speaker and the co author of the “Intimacy of Death and Dying” (Allen & Unwin 2009).

Zenith’s website here

Danielle Brooks – Lightworker and Presenter 

School of Health and Wellness Faculty Member, NEU

Danielle Brooks, PhD

Danielle Brooks is a sacred Light Language healer, teacher, author and wayshower.  She is a powerful facilitator for self healing.  Her work assists in transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment.  It is both deeply transformative and practical. As a trance medium, she sings multiple light languages.  These Creation codes recalibrate DNA, release trauma, and realign you with your Divine power and support soul progression. Danielle is a rare teacher whose simplicity, compassion, and rich life experience enables her to mentor with fresh and heart-centered awareness. Having walked her own journey through trauma and cancer, she offers a visionary way of transforming pain. For over 15 years, Danielle has worked closely with faith healers and psychic surgeons in Brazil and the Philippines.  She draws on a diverse background in vibrational medicine, mysticism, and shamanism.  Danielle holds a PhD in Human Development and a Master of Divinity.  When she is not deep in the forest with her dog Rufus, she enjoys hosting radio and web tv shows, writing and making music with each day.  Danielle is an eternal student of the light.

Danielle’s website here

 Meg Williams – Organizer

School of Health and Wellness Special Events Coordinator, NEU

Meg Williams believes that at the end of her life maybe the greatest contribution she will have made will have been birthing and raising her four children. In 2013 after having a successful business career, she and her husband of 30 years left the United States in search of a simpler, gentler, more sustainable way to live with the earth and it’s inhabitants. She now calls Puerto Viejo, a sleepy fishing village on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, her home. In 2015 her life was changed forever when she lost her oldest child Hannah to cancer. This painful loss has been the catalyst for deep soul searching and growth. Meg has most recently begun Sacred Getaways, a business that offers opportunities for  people to take long and short term sabbaticals to get away from the hustle and bustle of the intense western lifestyle and reconnect with their hearts and souls.

Linda Hamilton – Organizer

Coordinator School of Health and Wellness, NEU

I began my “education” in birthing when I became pregnant with my first child – in 1984. The experience was so profound that I soon found myself attending the births of other women and eventually began doing so as my life’s work. It wasn’t long before I realized that birth and death are very much the same thing – portals to and from life. I inherently always respected the sacredness of both. I began advocating for these experiences to be honored and respected with the greatest humility knowing that once we accept and treat these experiences as such, that it could be the catalyst for true freedom in life. I found my place within NewEarth shortly after it’s inception in 2013, and am honored now to be the Coordinator of the School of Health and Wellness within NewEarth University. I live on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, and am committed to not only advocating for freedom and sanctity in both birth and death, but to the attunement of living a free and sovereign life for all who seek it. I’m honored to present this groundbreaking event here near my home and welcome those who feel aligned to join it. I look forward to meeting you.

Linda’s website here

 total PRICE – $2277 usd

Price includes:

Certification Training and Workshops

Hotel for 7 nights (double occupancy either king size bed or 2 single beds – additional cost for single room is $450)

Transfers from Alajuela to Puerto Viejo and to airport for departure flight

Breakfast every morning

Lunch for 4 days during training workshops

Sacred Cacao Ceremony facilitated by special guests

Opening reception and dinner

Closing celebration, buffet dinner, bonfire beach party

Lots of good coffee and chocolate


What is NOT included in the price:


Transfer from arrival flight from airport to hotel (approx. $5)

Dinner for 4 days

Lunch for 3 days

Additional optional activities such as zip-lining tour, horseback riding, etc. (costs for these are provided upon reservation confirmation with payment being made at the time of the workshop)

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