Organic Permaculture Courses (on-site Bali)


Courses on-site in Bali at Jiwa Damai, an affiliate of the NewEarth University

In association with the Ecology & Regeneration discipline at NewEarth University’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology, we are pleased to announce the following course taught by NEU faculty senior advsor, Dr. Margret Rueffler at our affiliate, Jiwa Damai in Bali, Indonesia:

A Permaculture Design Course with a Different Approach

The PDC course content of Bill Mollison’s 72 hours teaching is embedded in an empowering approach to Self and others, leading to design and implemention of your own project with a heightened awareness and deepened values.

This coursework is offered in three (3) parts. Each day is embedded with a morning yoga class and an evening heart meditation.

1. Encounter with Nature and Earth – February 1-3

PART I – A three day immersion learning to have an initial interaction with nature and earth.  Basic permaculture introduction is combined with unfolding the qualities of the heart.  This will allow for a deepened experience when applying the PDC ethics, earth care, people care and sharing surplus, live, in action and the principles of multidimensional design (Part One can be taken independently).  Cost $US 280.00.

2. Heart and Hands on to Soil and Nature – February 1-8

PART I+II – An additional five day facilitation of morning theory, techniques and lectures of PDC.  Learn about connectivity, diversity and observation.  The afternoon you will spend exploring the garden and applying the Heart energy directly through your hands to soil, plants and nature.  Learn about laws and principles of design.  Part I is prerequisite for Part III.  Cost $US 560.00

3. Multifaceted Design, Concepts, Including Time and Space – February 1-11

PART I+II+III – During these three last days you will work with conceiving design and its application.  Based on the previous experiences and learning in part one and part two, the approach to conception and design becomes integrated and leads to a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach.


Note: Part I+II is prerequisite for Part III.  Cost $USD 840.00


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