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NewEarth University is delighted to be affiliated with Rise Multiversity, founded and directed by Sienna Lea, offering a transformational course in Shadow Synthesis

About your instructor: Sienna Lea, M.A. Psychology, has worked for 40 years as a transformational catalyst.  Her skill and wisdom to augment shadow integration has received deep appreciation from those who have benefited from her presence and insight.  Sienna has engaged with people across the globe to transmute their shadows.  She offers her expertise online through a new course called, Shadow Synthesis, and through her l!ve workshops, retreats, and private sessions.  Sienna is the Inceptor of Rise Multiversity, an online educational platform where people receive support and information to assist them as they awaken to the truth of our world.  Sienna Lea’s Youtube channel offers over 100 videos exploring the value of owning our shadow selves.


Shadow Synthesis Course – Part 1

Join Sienna’s Digital Classroom (self-study for 125.00$ USD)


This is an affordable, at-your-own-pace self-study online video & audio training that will give you the depth of understanding to address your shadow with knowledge and wisdom.

  • Mentor: Sienna Lea
  • Content: 6 Video/Audio Modules, Written 7 Addendums & Bonus Content
  • Presentation: Online Course
  • Enrollment: Start/Resume Any Time
  • Language: English

Check it out! Shadow Synthesis Course

Moving Through Shadow Synthesis – Part 1 … At Your Own Pace

Shadow Synthesis – Part I is a 6 week course that gives you the depth of understanding to address your shadow with knowledge and wisdom.  Once you enroll, also receive a host of addendums with exercises and support materials.

Each session explores a crucial aspect of shadow:

  • You will be given 6 SESSIONS revealing how shadow moves within your life on multi-dimensional levels.

  • You will have a library of supportive materials exploring shadow created by some of the most brilliant and perceptive experts in shadow work.

  •  You will have beginning exercises that you can do in the mirror to begin moving out of stuckness into connected flow immediately.

  • Each of the six sessions will include video presentations explaining the shadows we all carry, how they came to be and what you can do to transform them now and move beyond.


From Sienna, your instructor:

“If at first, you would prefer to start on your own and at your own pace great!  Here is your point of entry.  I understand that you may not be ready to share your shadow aspects of self with others at this point in your life.  Or perhaps showing up l!ve simply does not work with your schedule at present.  That’s fine.  If this changes, you can move into a group at some future point.  No problem.  This material will give you deep insights into what shadow is, how it impacts your life, and the bigger picture of how it fits into humanities urgent need for metamorphosis.”

Learn more: ONLINE Shadow Synthesis Course


Rise Multiversity

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